Ginegar Israel

Ginegar Plastic Products is a world leading producer of advanced Films for a wide range of agricultural applications, with special emphasis in India for Greenhouse Covers, Embossed Mulch films and HDPE Pond Liners.

Sonite and Ginegar

With our motto of being a reliable solution provider, we are now the proud partner for Ginegar as an exclusive distributor in Karnataka.

Why Ginegar Films?

Because Ginegar added the Much required soul for Greenhouse films in India.Earlier Basic Transparent UV Treated films were supplied to cover the Greenhouses, Ginegar introduced films with a 5 layer Technology.


In order to address the issue of acute water shortage, we have introduced the solution in the form of Pond Liners and Modular steel tanks with our partner company MIDFIL.
Midfil is today the leading importer and installer of a wide range of Pond Liner and Modular steel tanks from Netherlands.
Before the installation and selection of the right type of Pond liners, proper designing and soil analysis is a must, failing which regular repairs are inevitable. We at MIDIFL take utmost care in these aspect and educate the user on the importance of the same.
We have Pond Liners in 500microns, 750microns and 1000microns thickness, made out of HDPE and comes in Black color for higher durability under direct sunlight. Our liners come in higher widths of upto 11mts to ensure less sealing at site.

Pond executed by MIDFIL at a prestigious car manufacturing factory with a capacity of 21cr ltrs.

Small pond executed by MIDFIL

Pond Executed by MIDFIL

DWS Water storage tanks
Modular steel tanks from Netherlands, These are reliable solution to store an hold water in its best form, These steel tanks come in standard kit with an easy to construct system and even the buts and bolts imported for longer durability, these system although easy to install are the toughest steel tanks and can be used anywhere including storage of drinking water, effluent , etc.

  • High storage capacity
  • Commendable sturdiness
  • Durability
  • Drinking & General Water Storage
  • Agriculture and Horticulture
  • Industrial applications
  • Infrastructural projects
  • Building and Construction projects
  • Environmental sector Advantages