Ginegar Israel

Ginegar Plastic Products is a world leading producer of advanced Films for a wide range of agricultural applications, with special emphasis in India for Greenhouse Covers, Embossed Mulch films and HDPE Pond Liners.

Sonite and Ginegar

With our motto of being a reliable solution provider, we are now the proud partner for Ginegar as an exclusive distributor in Karnataka.

Why Ginegar Films?

Because Ginegar added the Much required soul for Greenhouse films in India.Earlier Basic Transparent UV Treated films were supplied to cover the Greenhouses, Ginegar introduced films with a 5 layer Technology.

Turnkey solutions

The concept of Polyhouses, Shade net houses and Tunnels have come a long way , but only in terms of its existence, and a few structural changes for additional strength, but technically there is a lot more to understand and implement.
Why do we say this?
2015 witnessed a harsh summer , when we spoke to a few growers, their feedback was a drop in the production, high multiplication of pests , tough working condition inside the polyhouse, burning of the flowers, etc.
Do we have a solution to all these problems?
To a major extent, yes, we do have and we have practical examples to show. In order to educate the growers that each structure needs to be specially designed to serve diverse needs , and specifically tailor made structures to suit the climatic and terrain conditions of the location is the only way to face climatic challenges and take a world class production , we have collaborated with Agriplast protected cultivation pvt ltd to supply technical structures which can be a positive leap in the concept of Proected Cultivation.
With only the best grade quality material and modern state of the art technology manufacturing facility equipped with modern CNC Machines and sophisticated engineering tools. The company has catered to many large and small scale projects including some of the best centre of excellence in protected cultivation promoted by different state governments and Central government of India.
For complete comprehensive information, you are welcome to visit our factory premises to see our specimen structured of Polyhouse, Shade Net house and Tunnels.
Call us to understand more.

Poly House
Our Polyhouse structures are specially designed to cater terrain specific requirements and keeping in mind the farmer’s needs and intended crop.
The equipment’s used in structure are crafted with precision and all the parts are fully galvanized as per international standards. All parts are made of high grade quality material which are rust proof. Whole structure is pre-fabricated and is easy to install by nut & bolt joint system with zero welding.

Shade NetHouse
Our Shade NetHouse structure is also Pre-fabricated and is easy to install involving all GI structure and steel wires. The structural parts are crafted to precision and are fully galvanised as per International standards to prevent rusting.
The Covering shade nets used are crop specific and best suited to varied climatic condition. The insect net used are also manufactured by world renowned companies and are specific to crops and climate.

Our tunnels structures are promoted as Do It Yourself (DIY) structures as they are very easy to install because of the obvious reasons they are pre-fabricated. They are designed as per the climatic,terrain condition of the location,optimum ventilation and light conditions are taken care by team of professional engineers and agronomists.

We have special net houses for Banana, Pomegranate and Papaya

Nethouse for Papaya

Pomegranate Net house