Ginegar Israel

Ginegar Plastic Products is a world leading producer of advanced Films for a wide range of agricultural applications, with special emphasis in India for Greenhouse Covers, Embossed Mulch films and HDPE Pond Liners.

Sonite and Ginegar

With our motto of being a reliable solution provider, we are now the proud partner for Ginegar as an exclusive distributor in Karnataka.

Why Ginegar Films?

Because Ginegar added the Much required soul for Greenhouse films in India.Earlier Basic Transparent UV Treated films were supplied to cover the Greenhouses, Ginegar introduced films with a 5 layer Technology.

Sonite Anti Insect nets

Sonite Anti insect nets are used to isolate crops in order to protect from insects and wind, Depending on the mesh opening, they protect from flies, aphids, thrips…., with over two decades of field trials, applications, and technical collaboration, we have produced these nets to act as a strong Barrier to protect your crops from severe damage by pest attack.
Sonite Anti Insect nets reduces the number of insects entering the cultivation area, be it ,nethouses / Greenhouses , and reduce the need for insecticides. However weeds and other insect host plants need to be removed from around the outside of the house. Employees must understand that doors cannot be left open and any tears in the net should be repaired quickly.Also any plants/ cutting /seedling etc must be inspected to make sure they are free of insects. Sonite Anti Insect nets used correctly, is an integrated pest management tool for many crops.

Sonite Anti Insect nets for Vegetable seedling Nurseries.

Sonite Anti Insect nets for Vegetable cultivation.

Sonite Anti Insect nets for Shade Houses.

Sonite Anti insect net for Seed companies.

Sonite Anti insect nets in ready to use stitched form.

Small Net Cages (Sonite Anti Insect nets)

Seed companies need specialized stitched net houses/ cages, we have in- house stitching facility with imported yarn and most importantly , precise calculation for your dimension with minimal wastage and quick delivery without compromising on the quality check parameters.