Ginegar Israel

Ginegar Plastic Products is a world leading producer of advanced Films for a wide range of agricultural applications, with special emphasis in India for Greenhouse Covers, Embossed Mulch films and HDPE Pond Liners.

Sonite and Ginegar

With our motto of being a reliable solution provider, we are now the proud partner for Ginegar as an exclusive distributor in Karnataka.

Why Ginegar Films?

Because Ginegar added the Much required soul for Greenhouse films in India.Earlier Basic Transparent UV Treated films were supplied to cover the Greenhouses, Ginegar introduced films with a 5 layer Technology.

Sonite Shade Nets

Shading nets, as the name says, provides Shade to the plants thereby protecting from harmful rays of the sun, this was and is the basic application for which Shade nets were used, but with proper study, field trials and understanding the importance of right shade factor for optimum results, these nets have now become an integral part for any project, rising much above its only identity of just being a shade cloth.

Other Advantages-:

  • Prevents Sunburn, Protects from Frost / Hail Damage, Acts as a wind breaker.
  • We are the Authorized distributors of B&V Agro irrigation Company, the oldest manufacturer of Shade nets in India, these nets easily be credited as “India’s Longest lasting Shade nets”.
  • We have introduced Sonite Mono Shade nets with a tough design pattern and a ready to use custom stitch facility. Now no stitching at site just spread it with ease.
  • Few applications of the Shade nets, do read the result of selecting a wrong Shade factor.
  • Shade nets for Banana, Primary and Secondary Hardening.

B & V Shade nets for Primary Hardening.

B & V Shade nets of secondary hardening

Disadvantage of using the wrong Shade factor

  • Second layer of Lower shade factor needs to be used during summer thereby increasing the investment.
  • Uneven growth of the plants.
  • Excessive watering during summer.

Shade nets for Vegetable Seedling Nurseries

Sonite Mono shade net for Vegetable seedling nursery

Selection of wrong Shade net for Vegetable Seedling Nurseries

  • Early or late growth of Seedlings.
  • Early growth leads to lanky development and late growth leads to loss in revenues.
  • Increase in the duration of watering during summer.
  • Higher stem growth and lesser root growth leading to mortality in the main field.
  • Lower quality of Seedling.

Shade net for Indoor Plants Nursery.

B & V Shade nets for Indoor plant nursery

B & V Shade net for Indoor Plant Nursery.

Selection of Wrong Shade net for Indoor Plants

  • Right Shade factor leads to intense color, the most important factor for Indoor decorative plants.
  • Delayed growth.

B & V Shade net for Indoor Plant Nursery.

Selection of Wrong Shade Factor for Vegetables

  • Faster growth of plants, leading to lower outputs, lesser by 50% in many cases.
  • Plant susceptible to diseases during cloudy days.
  • Uneven production.

B&V Shade net for Gerbera

B&V Shade net for Carnations

Shade nets for Anthuriums.

B&V Shade nets for Greenhouses (Installed in 2008)

Selection of Wrong Shade factor for Cut Flowers

  • Burning of the flowers.
  • Uneven growth.
  • Lower production.

Aluminet Thermal Screens
If you are looking for a solution to address heat problem inside the Polyhouse or if you are facing irradiation problems like burning of flowers / fruits, then we have the ultimate solution in the form of ALUMINET. Aluminet can help reduce inside temperature by 5 to 8 degrees; now that’s something!
Aluminet moderates day/night temperatures, enabling microclimate control in greenhouses and nurseries. It provides uniform shadow, controls air movement and provides optimum diffused light transmission to the crops. Aluminet heat curtain protects against frost radiation and saves energy in heated structures due to its high reflectivity.
Aluminet is a high quality metallized knitted screen. The tapes are manufactured with a special anti-oxidation and UV-resistant coating, giving the screen durability and longevity.The screen is knitted into a precise uniform texture.

Aluminet Thermal Screens
The net is designed especially for internal use to be spread permanently as a ceiling beneath greenhouse roofs, or to be installed as a moveable thermal screen.
Used in a broad variety of crops.The net prevents irradiation damage in plants and fruits , reduces heat in greenhouses during hot days and is very efficient for energy conservation in winter.Flexible, light, strong and easy to spread.Recyclable and UV resistant.
Please check these points before buying Shade nets

  • Durability / UV Stability -: On site check before buying. Has it been used for more than a minimum of 5 years at least?
  • Shrinkage-: The width of the nets tends to shrink thereby leading to gaps inside the Greenhouse and early deterioration in net house
  • Precise Shade factor.
  • Most importantly, if it’s the right net for your application. Ask us for more details.