Ginegar Israel

Ginegar Plastic Products is a world leading producer of advanced Films for a wide range of agricultural applications, with special emphasis in India for Greenhouse Covers, Embossed Mulch films and HDPE Pond Liners.

Sonite and Ginegar

With our motto of being a reliable solution provider, we are now the proud partner for Ginegar as an exclusive distributor in Karnataka.

Why Ginegar Films?

Because Ginegar added the Much required soul for Greenhouse films in India.Earlier Basic Transparent UV Treated films were supplied to cover the Greenhouses, Ginegar introduced films with a 5 layer Technology.

Suncover 5 layer greenhouse films from Israel

These are polyethylene covers manufactured with Metallocene improving mechanical properties, stabilized against UV radiation. This group of products includes transparent and light diffusing cover films of different UV radiation penetration levels (complete blockage, enabling partial penetration and open to UV radiation).
These cover films also contain an anti-dust additive that reduces the absorption of dust.
Suncover films come with different properties, however it is important to use the film which suits your requirement, the first step towards making the right decision is by understanding the key features.
Standard Features-:
Super Strong, 200micron, UV Stabilized, 5 layered, Anti Dust, CO Extruded, 3 yr film

    Key features of Technical grade films-:
    5 layers means 5 combinations of features based on the crop and location or any specific need.
  • Diffusion -: Scattering of light in many angles, so the light energy reaches all the areas of the greenhouse.
  • Click and it goes to Drip Block Diffused.
  • UV Blocking or Anti Virus film-: Blinds the insect by blocking its vision and reducing viral infection.
  • Click and it goes to UVA 205N.
  • Anti Sulphur-: Chemicals and Agriculture go hand in hand; this property protects the film from Burning of sulphur.
  • Click and it goes to UVA 205N.
  • IR Control-: Control and reduction of temperature inside the Greenhouse.
  • Click and it goes to G Cool.
    Anti Dust-: property which reduces dust accumulation on plastic covers.
    Based on the above features, we have the following films-:
  • Drip lock Clear
  • Drip lock Diffused
  • UVA 205N
  • Drip Block G Cool

Property -: Anti drip
Film -: Drip Block Clear
Anti Drip Action (AD)
Droplets formed on the inside surface of Greenhouse films due to water condensation can have negative consequences on the plant quality and growth, as they reduce light transmission by 15% to 30% and increase the incidence of certain diseases. The Anti drip films contain special additives which eliminate individual droplets, turning them instead into a continuous thin layer of water that runs down the sides of the greenhouse roof and walls.

Property -: Diffusion
Film -: Drip lock Diffused
Dual advantage of Anti Drip and Diffusion
What is diffused Light-:
Diffused Light is soft Light, it is scattered, reaches deeper into the crop and creates no harsh shadows. In greenhouses, diffused light results in more active leaves and better usage of light, leading to better crop quality and higher yields.
Drip Lock Diffused film greatly improves photosynthesis by improving light dispersion, Critical for self- Shading, tall and Trellised Plants, Flowers like Gerbera, Carnations, Anthuriums, Chrysanthemums, Foliages.

Property -: Anti Virus , UV Blocking , Anti sulphur
FILM-: UVA 205N ( Also comes with Diffusion of 60%)
Color -: Yellow
The Sun Selector™ Anti-Virus films provide:
Advantage of Anti virus Film -: This interferes with the vision of the insects and thereby reducing viral activities.
• A significant reduction in the damage caused by various insect pests. • A significant reduction in the incidence of viral diseases, transmitted to the plants by insects. • A significant reduction in the sporulation of foliage diseases, especially Botrytis. • A significant reduction in the use of fungicides and pesticides. • A significant reduction of the “blackening” of the petals of Red roses.

Roses grown under Ginegar UVA205N that’s block UV Radiation in comparison to regular films.